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Alarm Monitoring From Only $18.95 Per Month – We Reprogram Old Systems Too!


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With so many years in the residential and commercial security field to my name, not surprisingly, one of the first questions I’m asked, aside from the best ways to secure a home or office, is how can I save money doing it? With so much cost-effective technology now available even at the residential level, what I always explain is that equipment-wise, you’re generally going to find all security companies installing very similar products at the entry level, with consumers then given the choice of upgrades such as video monitoring. So far so good, but this is also where most consumers make their first big mistake. Now that the system has been installed don’t forget the monthly fee. It’s where most consumers get zapped as they sign long-term deals often $10, $20, and even $30 more than they should be paying. The result can be hundreds of dollars of wasted money each year for the exact same monitoring service I can provide 24/7/365 medical, fire, and burglary monitoring coverage, starting from $18.95 per month by an awarding winning, 5-Diamond, UL-approved national Call Center.

One Call Truly Does It All:

• Professional Locksmith Services
• Emergency Lock-Out & Break-In Services
• Monitor Your Home Or Office From Any Smart Device
• Remote Access
• Specializing In Month-To Month Monitoring
• We Monitor All Systems/We Can Use Your Existing Equipment
• $18.95 per Month Low Monthly Rate / No Early Termination
• Client Owns Equipment/Cameras/Video
• Medical/Fire/Burglary/Remote Access
• No Charge To Switch/Wireless Monitoring

• Allowance For Contractual Obligation
• Up To 2 Months FREE For Mentioning Our Website

Do you already have a system installed and are just looking to save on the monthly bill to get your expenses down? More than half of the calls I receive are for just that. I can help.

No Cost To Switch At Only $18.95 Per Month for 24/7 Monitoring. Ready To Get Started? Just call Sid at 301.556.8083.